I had the opportunity to experience walking on an actual runway a few days ago thanks to Lesportsac, Stores Specialists Inc, Visions and Expressions and Saga Events! Every fashionista dreams of one day sashaying on the runway. I would be lying to myself if I don't admit that fact. A lot of people including me think that modeling is such an easy task. Most seasoned models like Kate Moss, Baptiste Giabiconi and the like make it look so darn easy that's why. But little do they know that modeling is not just all about the fame, glamour and the prestige. It requires a lot of patience and hard work. Most of these celestial creatures had to give up going to normal school, hanging out with their friends after school and eating junk food(LOL). Instead, they had to endure hours of exercising, starvation and staying pretty all the time.  Not to mention smiling even if they feel like pouting or vice versa.
Anyhow, I'm glad I was able to experience this even just once. Yes I know we are not getting any younger so we might as well venture into things like this while we still can walk a straight line without the help of a mechanical crane. 
Anyway, the day started out crappy since I arrived to the practice almost two hours late.  A major no-no if you're starting out in this business. Can you imagine getting blacklisted on go sees on your first gig? Blame it on the mofos (translation: motherfucker) who almost killed each other at the MRT (Metro Transit here in Manila) which f$^#ed up the train schedule. Also, this validates the fact that it really sucks living in the north because all the action happens in the south. Thank goodness that my lovely fashion BFFs were there to cheer me up when I got to the venue. Lesson learned. Next time I will try to arrive at the venue half an hour before the call time. I'm glad that the sequencing was a no-brainer and was quite easy to remember(true sign of a natural model I suppose)!
Anyway, here are some photos I took before the show...
and my outfit for the day...

Shirt - Topman / Tank - American Apparel / Jeans - J. Lindeberg
Accessories - Unisex curated by JP Singson / Sneakers - Rick Owens

Again, thanks Saga Events for this awesome experience. I totally had a blast!

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