It has been a super crazy productive day today! Seriously, I have been working like a dog. I met up with a couple of clients today and dropped by Status Mag's office to catch up with my friend Loris Pena and Rosario Herrera, the Editrix of Status Magazine. Both of whom I love dearly. Also, I picked up my complimentary back issues and the latest issue of Status Magazine with the iconic _______ on the cover! Too bad I have to zip my lips now since the issue hasn't reached the newsstands yet. Guess you guys have to wait for a wee bit longer to find out who's headlining this month.

Anyway, when I finally got back to my Mom's store before closing time look at what my Mom handed me...A sweet package from Project Runway's Michael Kors!!!
Anyway, I didn't expect Michael Kors and the folks at Visions & Expressions to send me this lovely MICHAEL KORS  <3 MANILA tote. It's totally unexpected. It's always nice whenever people appreciate your work. So to Ginggay and Danica thanks guys for your continued support to my blog and to all my endeavors! You guys are the BEST!!!

I honestly can't wait to go back to the beach and start rocking this cute tote!!!

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