If you have been following my Facebook account, then, I am sure you know by now that I am working on setting up my boutique here in P.I. (Philippine Islands). Hopefully, the underground boutique will be open by the end of August or early September right after my trip to Hong Kong with the rents. Since I have never been a big fan of mainstream cookie-cutter boutiques located in massive super malls I decided to open my boutique at an unexpected location. Since the terms have not been agreed yet I prefer to leave the location unnamed for the time being. 

I'm sure you guys are wondering what the concept of my boutique would be. Well, the name of the boutique is UNISEX. As the name implies, everything that you will find in the store can practically be worn by both men and women except for a few dresses. Of course, if you're into cross-dressing then I'd be more than happy to let you have any of my lovely drapey and asymmetrical dresses. In short, it is going to be very androgynous. The color scheme is generally monochromatic with a concentration on blacks, whites and greys. There will be occasional pops of bold colors and interesting prints to break the monotony. The general aesthetic of my boutique is minimalist, progressive and anti-trend. Because of this you will find it easy to mix and match every single piece that you find in the store. My boutique will be stocking primarily up and coming Asian designers that share the same aesthetic as me. So far, I have managed to get reputable award-winning designers from Thailand like The Alchemists, Chai, Realistic Situation and Sunshine. Norman Noriega, a progressive womenswear designer who happens to be one of my favorite designers here in Manila just recently agreed to sell his stuff at my boutique as well. In the future, I am planning to expand by getting a few labels from Seoul and Hong Kong. In the next few days expect blog posts on these amazing designers to get yourselves familiarized with their previous and current works. Aside from the fabulous clothing, I will also be carrying kick-ass handmade brass jewelry and a few other accessories like scarves and bags.

It's been awhile since I have been toying with the idea of having a boutique like this. But I'm really glad that I'm finally making it happen. Thanks to my family and friends who have been very supportive of me ever since. I'm particularly grateful to my Mom and Dad for incessantly supporting me to carry on with all of my endeavors and for inspiring me to follow my dreams.  

I'm sure that some of you guys are wondering where you can find all the stuff that I am selling. Well, feel free to view everything on my facebook account. If we are not friends on Facebook yet then now here's a good excuse to befriend me. Hahahah. Anyway, do not hesitate to pm if you have any questions regarding the collection. Any feedback from you guys is highly appreciated as well. I hope you guys like the selection of the items I currently have. And thanks in advance for your unwavering support! Lets make Manila fashion-forward one person at a time!

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