I was pleasantly surprised with the Jun Jun Cambe show. Who would have thought that the King of Avant Garde is finally making clothes fit for everyday wear. Of course you just have to eliminate the feathers and the Amazona make-up and you're good to go! The all-white ensemble with the cummerbund was undoubtedly my favorite look from the bunch. I would definitely rock that outfit complete with that sweet-looking ikat print belt! Paging Jun Jun Cambe!!!
Whoever styled Jun Jun Cambe's show gets a standing ovation from me! I absolutely adore it! And that's alot coming from somebody who cringes at the sight of prints, feathers, tight shirts and 80s make-up! In general, everything just worked so well except for that one black gown with weird patches that looked kind of disconnected from the entire collection. Too bad I didn't get a good shot of that black sheep. Well, there's some room for improvement for next season! Again, good job Señor!

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