I'm sure alot of you guys are wondering what goes behind every successful fashion show. Believe me the preparation that goes into every show is beyond words. Last Fashion Week I got the opportunity to witness the craziness behind the velvet rope courtesy of my styling stint for my dear friend Bang Pineda's show. The voyeur in me possessed me while observing the spunky director choreograph the show couple of hours before the actual show. Looking pretty and sexy is not enough to skyrocket your modeling career. It requires a lot of patience and presence of mind. The call time for most shows is unbelievably early so that means no staying up in the wee hours. And once the rehearsals start rolling everybody is expected to be all ears. Or else expect to get the dreadful ax. Yes, you need to get your act together or else your first show will be your last...Harsh much? Well, reality bites...

So do you still think you have what it takes to become the next Cole Mohr or Baptiste Giabiconi? Think again sweetheart!

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