Everybody knows that I'm not a big fan of the preppy-dapper-nautical-pretty boy next door look. It just looks too Ivy League to me. I guess it's just the rebel without a cause in me talking
However, biases aside, I think Regatta did a pretty good job reinterpreting Americana with their latest collection. Regatta gave a modern twist on staple wardrobe pieces. Kudos to my friend Sidney Yap for the fantastic styling.
To my followers don't worry I won't be walking around wearing preppy clothes anytime soon unless Regatta start sending some pieces from this collection to my door! Hint. Hint. Hint. Why not?!? I wouldn't mind having one of the blazers or cardigans. Who knows I'll be the boy-next-door your Mom dreams of you taking home this coming Halloween! 

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  1. Don't forget to update us about that! I can't wait to see you wearing those boy next door look. hahaha


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