I am finally back!!!

I'm wearing
Shirt - Topman / Jeans - Whyred / Shoes- Givenchy / Bag - Dior Homme
Accessories - OS Accessories

So, I arrived last Monday afternoon. My friend Ben picked me up at Starbucks in the Opera area. And then, we headed to his apartment somewhere in the 16th district. I really like where he lives 'cause it's not crazy unlike the 1st arrondissement. It's absolutely more chilled and relaxed compared to the hustle and bustle downtown. And it's much safer compared to the very crowded touristy areas. Since I was exhausted from my flight Ben and I decided to unwind at his place and catch up with each other's busy life. He was gracious to prepare my first meal in Paris. Thank God there are people like Ben who totally breaks the snooty Parisian attitude sterotyping!
Tuesday I didn't really do much. Well, I managed to snag the ever elusive Celine! I couldn't believe that even in Paris all the Celine luggage totes are SOLD-OUT! It's crazy! Anyway, I'm glad that I finally got one for myself. Too bad I wasn't lucky to get one for my Mom. Hopefully by Monday they will have replenished their stock before I head to Norway for this massive music festival. After my first purchase, I strolled around avenue Montaigne, rue Faubourg-Saint Honore and the Opera area. I found out that all the sales happen today! So this explains why I'm up so early. Got up at half past 4PM and couldn't sleep anymore. I'm just thinking about all the stuff I wanted! I'm crossing my fingers. Hopefully those covetable Wooyoungmi wooden platforms in my size are still waiting for me. I finally met up with Mehdi, a Facebook friend from here who bought a cool zip-up vest from me. Also, I finally got a SIM card so if you're in Paris and you're reading this then maybe we can meet up for drinks. I will be in Paris almost every month starting this June! Also, yesterday there were musicians all over Paris. I got lucky to stumble upon these amazing musicians performing at Colette last night. I stayed until the second act! Both were AWESOME! If you frequent Colette's site then I'm sure you know how fab their playlist is! It is beyond AMAZING! What's even cool was they were serving free booze and food! Being the free loader I am I stayed for almost an hour enjoying the sweet music and the lovely ambiance. Before I hit the road, I went to the magazine section and looked for any Status Magazine issues. Luckily, I found a few in the discounted rack. SInce I wanted to keep my promise to Rosario and her minions I snapped a photo. The first photo turned out to be blurry so I took another one and another one and another one. I suppose the security guard saw me snapparizing away so he approached me and said with French accent conviction "no photos please". I was like OK I'm just taking a photo of the magazine I work for. He goes "if you work for any press company you need to schedule an appointment."  In short, get your ass out of here. At 6pm, I headed out and met up with Ben. He took me to the Trocadero area overlooking the Tour Eiffel. After some photo whoring, we left and headed to Quckly for a bite to eat. After the late dinner, we called it a night! 
Anyway, now I need to get my ass ready for today. I have a pretty full day today. After all the shopping, I have three shows lined up this afternoon! I'm super excited! Hopefully, this weather gets better so I can start wearing my scandalous outfits!
Until next time guys...Hope you guys enjoyed my first post! Stay tuned for more random stories and uncensored photos...

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