Welcome to the world of Kermit Tesoro! At a very young age, Tesoro managed to quickly build a strong following thanks to his towering heels and his flattering body con dresses. Season after season fashionistas flock to his show to see his avant garde presentation. His latest collection was inspired by the human anatomy. Definitely not for the weak of heart. So if you're a sissy and afraid of blood, then, I suggest you better scroll away PRONTO! I'm sure all of you guys know that I have never been a big fan of body con dresses so it's really quite hard for me to say nice things about it. I do appreciate Tesoro's idea and vision so he still gets checkmarks on my boxes. However, next time I hope he shows more versatility in terms of volume and design. Yes, we all know he can make lovely shoes, panel leggings, and body con dresses. Next time surprise us Kermit! We want to see another side of you!

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