After almost a month of waiting, finally our big-ass package from the US arrived two days ago. Better late than never. Oh, I finally got my new massive murse too. And I'm totally digging it even if it's gigantic. It's sooo massive I can literally fit in it. Will brag about it on a separate post. So guys, better keep your eyes peeled.

Anyway, my granny sent us a couple of heirloom photos of my Mom. After staring at it for several minutes, I suddenly felt the urgency to share it with you guys. Look at how fashionable my Mom is at 15 years old. On the photo she wears an oversized button-down sleeveless shirt paired with some tailored palazzo trousers. It's just amazing how this peg looks so current considering it was taken several decades ago. 
By the way, the lovely lady right next to my Mom is my Lola (Granny). They look like sisters, non?

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