Men’s Paris Fashion Week kicked off yesterday with some unexpected pouring rain during the day. So I braved the streets with my broken H&M polka dot umbrella and my pedestrian outfit. Since I didn’t have any scheduled appointments with any atelier in the morning, I decided to do a bit of window shopping in the Opera area, too.
Since my first show was at 7PM, I knew I had some time to kill. So I met up with Gab, one of my Parisian friends. He handed me some of my show invitations for this week, and the ASOS jacket that he wanted to give me (I will wear it this week since I didn’t bring any thick jackets)! After the chitchat, I headed to the Ehud show in the 3rd district.When I got there, it was still empty so I strolled around the rue Commines area. People started showing up quarter to 7PM.
While in the queue, I took a few snapshots of some interesting characters which you will be seeing in my future posts. Frankly, I’m not really familiar with Ehud, so I did my research by chatting up a few of the attendees to find out what they think of Ehud’s work. Thanks to the realnob guys for acquainting me with some important info about the Dutch designer.
For Ehud’s latest collection, he infused bright colors like royal blue and curry yellow with black and white and reinvented basic cuts with sharp tailoring and clean lines. It is not something I would typically wear, but I wouldn’t mind rocking that amazing citrine suit.
Alexandre Mattiussi was the next show I watched. It’s funny how totally different the crowds were at the Ehud and Mattiusi show. The Ehud crowd was definitely younger and more fashion-forward, while the Mattiussi crowd was more Pitti Uomo.
Before the show, Italian apĂ©ritif was served to invited guests. It was a pretty neat presentation with all the models just hanging out while sipping champagne. Mattiussi’s collection is typically something that the younger French homme bourgeoise would wear. Ivy league fresh grad comes into mind as well.
Anyway, I always favor presentations than runway shows just because it’s more relaxed and interactive. Since my feet were badly hurting, I decided to call it a night and skipped the after-party! Stay tuned tomorrow for the latest in Men’s Paris Fashion Week!
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