I started my second day of Men’s Paris Fashion Week by getting to Issey Miyake almost half an hour late—no thanks to my poor sense of direction. I have been to Place des Vosges the day before, so I knew it was going to be peanuts finding the place. Little did I know I would be exiting a different Metro Station. Since I didn’t have a map, I ended up asking people around how to get to the venue. When I finally found the Issey Miyake Showroom, I was on cloud nine because they were still setting up.

I found a spot at the very crowded venue. It was not the best spot to take photos, but I’d take it anytime. Issey Miyake’s collection was indeed one of my favorites. I have never imagined myself trying the color-blocking trend but, after this show, I sort of changed my mind (I won’t be jumping on the color-blocking trend anytime now, but maybe when I get a bit older and want to try out something colorful for a change. I’m still stuck in my goth ninja mode). The perfect juxtaposition of bold colors and interesting prints made everything from the collection very pret-a-porter. I particularly adore the oversized trousers, the skorts (men’s skirts), and those mandals (men’s sandals) look that’s just perfect for summer!

After the show, everybody started running to catch the Fashion Bus—a shuttle service provided season after season to make everybody’s life during Fashion Week a bit easier. It takes invited guests of the shows from one venue to another. Can you imagine hitching a cab? It would have broken my piggy bank by now.
When I got to the Rick Owens, I knew right away it would be full of interesting characters. It was absolutely one of the best shows to just hang out and people-watch at. Maxi skirts on men—why not? I got out of the show, and looked for the fashion bus, but it was nowhere in sight. I ended up taking the Metro—but towards the wrong direction! By the time I figured out the Juun.J show already started, I had to drag my sore feet to get to Espace Commines. It was all worth it. The collection was refreshing and innovative. Everything screamed “BUY ME!” I just wish I had loads of cash. I already saw a lot of the pieces—the moto jackets, parkas, exaggerated bulky footwear, capes, cuffs, oversized trousers, structured blazers, and oversized outerwear—from previous collections, but he put a different spin to this. I mean, sometimes you need to stick to your guns like what Juun.J has been doing. Although I hope to see new silhouettes from him next season.
After the show, I did bit of camwhoring as per usual. I also interviewed an up-and-coming Pinoy designer from SoCal who is currently based in London. So stay tuned for my interview with this wonder boy who will be rocking the fashion streetwear soon! I skipped two shows, and went home to change since I was sweating like a pig all day. When I arrived at the Yamamoto show, I was devastated because the place was totally packed! Didn’t take much pictures since the tall guy right in front of me was blocking my way. However, I still enjoyed the show. I didn’t have an invite to the Dries Van Noten show so I had to queue for the standing room area. Luckily, I was able to get in before it started. I liked how Dries infused stripes and bold colors to his collection. The mixing and matching of different fabrics and silhouettes was plain brilliant and the footwear was to die for. I have a feeling that Dries Van Noten will find a devious way to reach my closet next year, like I’d probably sell my lungs to get a piece or two.
I ended the day with the Steffie Christiaens show. I never heard of this Dutch designer before so I really did not know what to expect. The show was quite a spectacle. The models walked the runway wearing intricate headpieces and yellow mark on their faces. Certainly, there are several pieces from this collection that was quite avant-garde for everyday clothing, but if you want to stand out in a crowd, then by all means get something from this collection. I met a couple of people at the show, so I ended up staying there for another half an hour sipping on champagne. Also, I got a chance to see the pieces from the show. You can really tell that the fabrics are luxury at its best form!
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