Got up very early today so I can start writing for my blog. I have been sleep deprived ever since I landed Paris a couple of days ago. My feet are numb now and I sort of feel like a walking zombie. Having said that I am seriously looking forward to a well-deserved relaxing vacation in Norway after Paris Fashion Week. Most people think that fashion is all about fun and looking glamorous. Little do they knew what happens behind the scenes. Believe me there's also some hard work involved. 

Today, I skipped breakfast because I did not want to miss Bill Tornade, my first show for the day. After my quick shower, I hopped on the Metro. When I arrived to the venue I was so ecstatic because they were serving free breakfast. Fresh croissants, OJ, milk and coffee greeted all the fashionable early birds. Buyers and press attendees received goodie bags containing a neat Bill Tornade hat, pen and some thirst-quenching Vitamin Water! Who doesn't love freebies, right? Anyway, the show as expected was nothing really special. However, everything was wearable and certainly very commercial. It's like a glorified Zara with better craftsmanship of course. After the show, I took some snapshots of the models that walked the runway. Last year I didn't really get a chance to interact with any of the models. But this year is different. I got the opportunity to talk to a few. Some of them are actually quite nice in my honest opinion. Then, I headed to the Rouland Mouret show. The collection was just alright but the venue was absolutely spectacular. It was held at the very breathtakingly beautiful Westin Plaza. I took a short break from the next show and grabbed a bite to eat with my friend Himsky at a nearby patisserie. Afterwards, we watched a back to back show from celebrated Asian designers Sonzio and Rynshu. Once again, Songzio blew me away with his latest collection. It was definitely one of my favorite collections this season. I totally love the quirky yellow hair that each model sported on the show. It was a brilliant idea. The collection was spot on. The footwear was not as great as his previous collections. However, I do adore those open-toed boots that looked quite similar to my Rad Hourani boots. I'm not a big fan of those ballet platform slip-ons though. It looked a bit disjointed with the collection. At the Rynshu show, I was seated right next to a Pinay journalist based in Paris who writes for several notable international and local publications. The Rynshu show was indulgent as expected. The crowd went wild when Black Eyed Peas frontman Will.I.Am unexpectedly closed the show. I skipped Paul Smith and went straight to the Qasimi Homme show. Last year, I really enjoyed designer Khalid Al-Qasim's show. This is why I was really looking forward to see his latest obra. The show was nice but I was not blown away. Some of the pieces from the collection reminded me of McQueen and Givenchy. To kill some time, I headed to the Thom Browne show. I took several street style photos while I was there. When the show was over, I got on the fashion bus and headed to Arnys, my last show of this season. The collection was not anything special but I still enjoyed it anyway. After the show, I treated myself with a much deserved Big Mac meal. Comfort food never felt so good after a stressful week! Special shootout to everyone who followed me on my journey here in Paris. 

Until the next fashion filed trip guys..

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