My third day started off kind of shaky. My first show was supposed to be Vier5 Fashion Department but I got lost in Paris and  couldn't find the venue. So I had to skip the show and head to the next one. Julius was indeed one of the shows I was really looking forward to seeing. I'm absolutely a big fan of the acclaimed Japanese label. As expected when I arrived to Maison des Métallos it was full of fashionable characters. But that wasn't the highlight of the show. After queuing for quite awhile I finally got inside. I was one of the lucky few who got a pretty good seat. It even got better when all of a sudden R&B superstar Usher sat across me. When the paparazzi spotted him they started swarming around him and frantically taking loads of photos. Frankly, he seemed a bit out of place wearing a preppy baseball bomber jacket since everybody was dressed kind of avant garde. Of course, I had to take a couple of snapshots since I'm a self-proclaimed groupie at heart. He seemed really nice and smiled at me a couple of times during the show. Julius hit high marks for me since it fits my aesthetic. The body bag was definitely one of the pieces that couldn't escape my thoughts until now. When the show was over I hurriedly run towards the fashion bus so I don't have to take the shitty Metro. 

I was a bit disappointed when I got to the Gustavolins show. It was total chaos when I got to the venue. The queue was very long. It took almost more than twenty minutes to finally get inside the door of the venue. And when we got in it was jam-packed. I barely saw the runway show. I had to tiptoe throughout the show just to get a glimpse of the models. It felt like watching a peep show. LOL. I had a feeling that the PR of Gustavolins invited way too many people for the show. And obviously the small venue could not accommodate all the invited guests. Very very poor logistics I may say. 

Since the venue of the Walter Van Beirendonck show was quite close I just walked briskly to make sure I get there on time. As expected it was full of the most interesting characters. I felt like a little boy in a huge candy store when I got there. Inspiration was absolutely all over the place. When I finally got in Espace Commines I looked for a great spot to take photos and started snapping away even before the show started. Far from the usual Van Beirendonck show I was astonished to see twinky models. Van Beirendonck is known to favor muscular models than skinny androgynous models in the past so I was really shocked to see all this thin models parading in the most outrageous outfits right before my eyes. It was rainbow diarrhea in its full glory. I'm positively sure I wouldn't get caught dead wearing his stuff. Well, maybe in Halloween perhaps I may consider it. But it is always a pleasure seeing his shows because he never fails to push the boundaries of menswear fashion a bit further. And I totally love the humor that injects to his collection. Like what they say fashion is supposed to be fun, right? His creations are really inspiring and fun at the same time. Oftentimes, you leave his show with a smile you cannot hide. 

The next show was Krisvanassche, Dior Homme's Kris Van Assche's eponymous label. I have never been a big fan of Kris Van Assche. I guess it is because he failed into comparison to Hedi Slimane, Dior Homme's former Creative Director. I was not surprised to see a lot of people in the show since it was a high-profile show. Luckily, I was able to get a good spot for taking photos. The show was a big disappointment in my opinion. I was really excited to see his footwear so when I spotted his pedestrian-looking slip-on mid-cut boots I was very disappointed. I was not impressed with the entire collection at all. Some of the sling bags looked kind of interesting but not really revolutionary. Prada had done something similar to it in the past. 

After the KVA show, I headed to 10th district to catch the Boris Bidjan Saberi show. It was a good show but his show last year was definitely still undeniably much better. 

Since I have a couple of hours to kill, I met up with my friend Charles and had coffee in the 3rd arrondissement. Afterwards, we walked to Lycée Turgot for the Henrik Vibskov show. The show was absolutely mind-blowing. It was actually more like a performance show than a runway show. The collection was quirky but still wearable. Hopefully, I get my hands on a few pieces on this amazing collection. I got a front-row seat so I took several great photos.

 After the show, I headed back to my friend's place to relax for a bit. And then after rejuvenating I hit Le Tigre for the Vibskov party where I got a chance to mingle with some of the most fabulous people in Paris.

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