When the press bus dropped us off outside a fitness center for the Astrid Anderson show I had no idea what to expect. We waited quite a bit before we were finally ushered inside the seemingly bizarre venue choice for a fashion show. But boy believe me it was worth the wait. Beautiful male models clad in the latest Astrid Andersen sports gear welcomed us while pumping some serious iron. The very engaging Adonises were even up for some muscle flexing without any hesitation. So, I was snapping my camera here and there like there was no tomorrow. Indeed, it was an amateur photographer's dream photo shoot specially with the amazing lighting! Frankly, the entire ambiance brought back memories of a soft porno flick I saw ages ago. Only the brilliant mind of my favorite stylist Simon Rasmussen can conceptualize something this this. Stay tuned for my sizzling tete-a-tete with the handsome Simon on my next blog post! 

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