The Designers Remix venue was absolutely mind-blowing. It had tons of ropes all over the place which made it quite tough to take photos. But I still totally love it! At first it was a pain in the ass focusing my big-ass Canon on the models. And then eventually you'll get the hang out of it. I have been a big fan of Designers Remix from the moment I saw it at Stockholm's premiere boutique Pub about two years ago. I love how they make everything look modern and chic with a Scandinavian twist. For its latest Spring Summer offering Designers Remix mixed pastel colors with its usual black and white color palette. The collection also had Designers Remix's signature draping of fabrics, oversized proportions and some geometric cuts. Also, kudos to whoever conceptualized those gorgeous rope accessories! I wonder if those are going to hit the stores as well!
For more info on Designers Remix check out www.designersremix.com.

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