I totally lost track of time when I was at the Awakening Section of the Gallery in Copenhagen. It was just absolutely amazing being surrounded with all these talented designers who share the same aesthetic. I can spend the entire week just hanging out there and ogling at their uber rad stuff. In a short period of time I have learned so much about Scandinavian fashion. Whoever thought about the collective Awakening idea is absolutely brilliant. 

Anyway, when I was about to leave the Gallery and head to the bus station I bumped into Aleksandr Manamis' booth. He's an upcoming Danish designer based in Copenhagen. I got fascinated with what he was wearing so I decided to spare a few minutes chatting with him. He eagerly talked about his unisex label and handed me a couple of his lookbooks. And then eventually he noticed my Pinoy (translation: Filipino) accent so he immediately disclosed he is half-Filipino! Isn't that amazing?

I shamelessly teased him by saying next Copenhagen Fashion Week I want to be decked in Aleksandr Manamis. I guess next Copenhagen Fashion Week I will be decked in all my favorite Danish designers-Jean/Phillip, Barbara Gongini, Henrik Vibskov and of course Aleksandr Manamis!

Do check out his amazing stuff on www.aleksandrmanamis.com

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