I have been a big fan of Cheap Monday for the longest time. It's actually my favorite high street label out there. No wonder I try to hoard their products whenever I'm abroad. It was a great move for Cheap Monday to appoint one of my favorite designers Ann-Sofie Back as the new Creative Director in 2009. Now, Cheap Monday is even better with all her rad designs at very affordable prices!
For Cheap Monday's latest collection, according to Back it was inspired by the 70s where our parents were young, rebellious and idealistic. I loved how she reinterpreted the hippie era with a modern minimalistic twist. So you see a lot of flared pants, maxi skirts, jumpers, big hats and peekaboo blouses as well as tech fabrics, neon colors, eyelets and crazy zippers. Good job Ann-Sofie! Can't wait to get my hands on that black pullover with holes on it!!!
Check out the final walkthrough below

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