Kudos to Josefin Strid for taking androgyny to the next level. More and more designers like Strid are bridging the gap between menswear and womenswear. Nowadays, men are surprisingly becoming more experimental and fearless with their fashion choices. Men are no longer limited to wearing just a basic tee and a pair of Levis. With her latest collection, Strid excellently translated her unisex vision by using both pastel and intense colors. I love the draping and the color degrading effect that she used. And those unisex wedges looked pretty dope! 
More power to you Josefin! I'm looking forward to seeing your next collection. Hopefully, you'll be doing something similar to this but in grayscale. I'm too old dull to rock the rainbow flag colors. I'll leave that to the kiddos out there!!!!
For more details check out www.josefinstrid.com.

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