While strolling along Mulackstrasse in Berlin, I spotted this guy in drop-crotch shorts hanging outside one of the local boutiques. Since I had almost an hour to kill before I meet up with my friend I decided to go inside the store and check out their stuff. As I was browsing I realized that I had seen the stuff at Ra in Antwerp before. Then minutes later the guy I saw earlier approached me and introduced himself. 
Guys, meet self-taught fashion designer Thoas Lindner, the man behind the Berlin-based avant-garde label Butterflysoulfire.

Check out my quick interview with Thoas below.
Thoas, thanks again for accommodating me while I was at your store. Can't wait to get one of your drapey jackets or vests on my next trip to Berlin!

I am sure we will be seeing more from this amazing German label! Promise I will keep you guys in the loop!

For more details on butterflysoulfire check out www.btfsf.com.

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