Whenever I travel I rarely look at maps unless I really have to. I love the idea of getting lost. Aside from the excuse of asking help from cute boys I find extreme joy whenever I discover places you wouldn't necessarily find on guide books or maps. Okay, I admit that I'm really really terrible with maps and directions.

As I stroll alone in one the major shopping districts in Brussels I bumped into the store of one of my favorite Belgian accessories designer - Christophe Coppens. So I went in and checked out the stuff like a little kid in a candy store. It was amazing! After perusing the place I eventually realized that it was not a boutique but more like a showroom. Later on, the guy inside the showroom explained to me that his boutique is located right around the corner. I was like OMG "You are THE Christophe Coppens." For a brief moment, I was starstruck. But he was really nice and accommodating. He even agreed for a quick interview.

Check out Christophe as he talks about his creations, favorite designers, collaborations, Belgian designers and the future of Atelier Coppens...

And guess what? When I was about to leave he handed me one of his books as a present. How thoughtful right? Will post some amazing photos from his book later. So stay tuned!

Guys, you have to check out his FW 2011-2012 Campaign. Mind-boggling! Beyond amazing! Believe me it will leave you breathless!

For more details visit www.christophecoppens.com.

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