I've been a die-hard Encens fan ever since I discovered it at this Mom and Pop Mediterranean grocery in Frisco selling discounted magazines. Since then I have been collecting every possible issue I can get my hands on. It is absolutely one of those few things I wouldn't mind paying its full price. I know it's a bit steep at 20 euros. But I think it's worthy every single penny. It is packed with straight-to-the-point articles and kick-ass editorials! Need I say more? 

I find so much inspiration from its strong and powerful images. And the thing that I love most about Encens is its timelessness. It defies trends and anything mainstream and commerical. It has its own look that not everybody can pull off. If you have flipped through its pages then I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Moreso, Encens is also known for featuring some of the most well-respected and cuttting edge designers that we all adore like Damir Doma, Yohji Yamamoto, Rick Owens, Juun.J, Comme Des Garcons and the like.

Here's a peek at Encens Issue #26
FYI, Encens is now an annual high-fashion magazine.  Luckily, I was able to get the most fab issue to date with almost 400 pages. I think so far it's the thickest issue ever!

Can't wait to get my hands on Issue #27...

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