I'm a total nerd when it comes to some things like collecting shit like maps, magnets, magazines, lookbooks and even letters. Now say hello to my latest obsession-collecting show invitations. I started this obsessive-compulsive behavior last year when I got invited to a number of shows in Paris. Since then I have been collecting all sorts of invitations. I honestly don't have anything against the so-called modern e-vites since it's eco-friendly and shit. But hey you have to admit nothing beats an old-fashioned handwritten invitation! It's more personal and thoughtful and cheesy don't you think? You rarely see those anymore. They're sort of becoming extinct. In Scandinavia these things don't exist. Seriously! Everything is computer-generated over there. You rarely get anything with actual handwriting on it and sealed with a kiss. Lol. 

This year I was really excited to see my invites! 
Check out my latest addition to my growing collection!


Two of my favorites...
 The Steffie Christiaens Compass-Magnifying Lens Pendant Invitation
 The Yohji Yamamoto Hanky with Raw Edges Invitation


  1. Wow! Cool collection. How do one get invited to these sort of things? :)

  2. hi daphne! been working with a few PR people handling some of the labels showing in paris for over a year now. and of course blogging regularly helps too! take care dear. xoxo


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