Shirt - Izzue / Jogging Pants - Borrowed from Charlotte 
Parka - Gratis / Background - Priceless

I managed to cross out one of the items on my bucket list after volunteering at the Hovefestivalen or Hove Festival in Arendal, Norway a couple of months ago. It was definitely an experience I will never forget. Why? Ok here's a gist of the entire drama. 
After covering Men's Paris Fashion Week I had to fly to Norway for the music festival. I almost missed my flight but luckily SAS allowed me to get on the plane. When I arrived at the Gardermoen Airport I couldn't find my luggage so I filed a complaint right away. After waiting at the airport almost an entire day my friend Charlotte finally convinced me to bounce and catch the earliest bus going to Arendal. So, I gave all my info to SAS just in case they find my luggage and got my ass on the bus. When I got to Arendal I didn't know where to go so I decided to just sit on one corner and contemplate. Then, one lady approached me and offered to give me a lift. It turned out she was with her Mom and sis. But guess what these so-called Good Samaritans turned out to be robbers in disguise. When we got to Hove (the venue) they demanded me to shell out 50 euros for the ride. Yes, Good Samaritans my ass! At that time, I was in total shock so I handed 30 euros. I was so petrified. I couldn't believe that these people can still stomach to rip me off even if I told them what happened to my luggage. And to think they're from Norway - one of the richest nations worldwide. Crazy! 
Anyway, SAS recovered my luggage after three days. They immediately shipped it to my friend's place. Thank goodness nothing got lost. Everything was in perfect condition. I'm sure you guys are wondering how I managed to survive without my luggage. Well, I have to say I wasn't as glamourous as my Paris Fashion Week photos. Lets just leave it like that. Besides it was a freaking festival so obviously nobody really cared about fashion. Most guys were walking half naked. It was a becky's (translation: gay) dream come true. Seriously! Kidding aside, I'm just glad that I have friends like Charlotte and DJ who took good care of me when I arrived there. So big big thanks to you guys for everything! As far as the festival is concerned, it was amazeballs. Brandon Flowers played and brought the house down. Tears literally started rolling down my eyes while Brandon performed some of The Killers greatest hits. Tinie Tempah, Deadmau5, The Strokes and Robyn headlined the very popular Scandinavian festival. So, all in all it was an amazing experience minus the hiccups! Oh by the way, I didn't have to spend so much while at the festival thanks to the food stubs I got and the basura everywhere! Please don't ask me anything about the basura. It's just between me and Mother Nature and the Hove volunteers. Lol.

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