It was one of those typical ominous rainy days in Berlin. My second time in Germany's captial but totally clueless on what to do. But instead of staying at my friend's pad in the gay-friendly Northern Schöneberg area I decided to go out and explore the trendy Charlottenburg area. Hopped on the train and got off the Adenauerplatz area station. Walking mindlessly I went in and out of the boutiques that caught my fancy. After one hour of disappointing window shopping finally one boutique caught my attention. Too bad I wasn't loaded with moolah unlike most of its die-hard patrons. It sucks that my big fat part-time online sugah Daddy had to freeze my black Amex after my ho-trotting Greek escapade. Kidding aside, Harvey's is absolutely a shopper's mecca carrying legendary Japanese icons such as Yohji Yamamoto, Issey Miyake, Comme Des Garcons and Junya Watanabe, as well as up-and coming labels like The Viridi-Anne and Volga Volga, and the best footwear from Layer-O (formerly Augusta), Guidi and Paul Harnden. Per my online research, Harvey's has been dressing some of the most fashionable people in Berlin for over thirty fabulous years! No wonder Harvey, the uber sweet owner knows beauty when he sees it. It was so flattering when he took his film camera (yes he's quite old-school like that) out and took my photo over and over again. He said he just had to take my photo because my outfit was perfect. He couldn't believe I'm from Manila. He thought I'm from Tokyo obviously because of my get-up. Harvey eagerly showed me all the good stuff he had in the store. It was amazing how much stuff he had in his boutique. I almost fainted when I saw dead-stock pieces from the-now defunct Number (N)ine and rare Margiela and Comme des Garcons pieces. It was like a dream trying on the pieces from some of my favorite designers. Finally, when Harvey's Swiss intern, Youssef arrived we all decided to play dress up! Check out the various looks we did on Youssef!

B E F O R E 
in vintage Versace

in Comme des Garçons jacket
in Paul Harnden jacket
 in Comme des Garçons jacket and Number (N)ine skirt
in Martin Margiela vest
 in Comme des Garçons ensemble
in Comme des Garçons shirt
in Number (N)ine skirt 
in Number (N)ine skirt 
in Dirk Bikkembergs shirt and Number (N)ine skirt
in Comme des Garçons

and of course MOI...
Moi rocking the most amazing Paul Harnden jacket!!!

Visit Harveys at www.harveys-berlin.de

Kurfürstendamm 55-56
10707 Berlin


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