I have never been a fan of Tiger of Sweden. I usually skip their typical boring stuff whenever I'm browsing Swedish designers at Pub or Ahlens! But after seeing their latest collection in the flesh I think I will have to switch gears. Surprisingly, their Spring Summer 2012 was hip, young, modern and fun compared to their previous collections. From the hair of the female models to the kick-ass styling I have to say Tiger of Sweden nailed whatever they're trying to nail! Somehow I have a feeling they're reaching out to the younger consumers! I'm also glad that the label deviated from the typical Tiger of Sweden guy. Instead, they presented a more metrosexual Tiger of Sweden guy who is not afraid to layer and experiment with proportions! I totally love the skinny jeans-long shirt /tank-cropped blazer look! Who would have thought that this look could actually work for a commercial label like Tiger of Sweden? 
Anyway, kudos to Tiger of Sweden for closing Stockholm Fashion Week with flying colors! I can't wait for the stuff to hit the stores next summer! Hopefully, I'll be able to score my very first Tiger of Sweden!!!

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