Everybody knows that I am a huge fan of V Avenue Shoe Repair. I have been raving about this Swedish label almost two years now. So when I got show invites to watch it during Stockholm Fashion Week I felt like I won the fashion lottery. Indeed, it was a dream come true for a fashion nerd like me. 
On the day of the show, I even wore my tape sandals from their current collection to show my unwavering support to the label. Right after the Ida Sjostedt show I remember looking for people going to the FASR show since I had no idea how to get there. It was one of the shows that was located outside of the Mercedes Benz and Berns venue. Luckily, I met two beautiful ladies Dilara and Michelle who were kind enough to tag me along with them. We hopped on the bus near the Ida show hoping to get to the FASR venue on time.  Unfortunately, thanks to the dumbass bus driver who skipped our stop I missed the one show that I had been raving about all week. In short, we sort of got lost looking for the place. When my friends and I finally arrived to the show it was all already over. It was a total nightmare. I almost literally fainted. I guess the only consolation was I got to take photos of Simon modeling one of the dope looks from the collection. Everything looked pretty rad. I saw the looks online and I cannot wait to get my hands on a few of the pieces. Anyway, I also saw some of the other models backstage but I was too depressed to take their photos. Oh, one more thing before I forget I was able to quickly grab one of those goodie bags containing a really nice journal! Lucky me! Check it out below! You can get one of these for 195SEK or 1,300Php from their site.
Anyway, I have learned my lesson. Next time I will make sure to arrive at the venue at least half an hour before the show starts! This way I don't have to stress looking for the place!

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