Pardon the photo overload. I just couldn't bare not sharing these photos with you guys. When I was in Stockholm I had the opportunity to attend the Young Fashion Industry Award show which annually recognizes up and coming vanguards in the field of fashion in Sweden. It's just amazing how many young talented designers are out there waiting to be discovered. This is the primary reason why I prefer going to Design School presentations and shows featuring up and coming designers than the more commercial shows. It is quite refreshing to see these young designers push the boundaries of fashion a bit further for art's sake. I know most of the time you see a lot of crazy conceptual designs whenever you attend these kinds of shows. But you cannot deny the fact that these young designers have fresh and raw ideas. There may be some minor or major editing but everybody has to pass that stage at some point. You eventually hone your talent through years and years of experience.
But I have to agree with the judges' decision regarding Johanna Pill's sweet victory. Her minimalist collection is fresh and innovative. I'd wear her pieces without any hesitation. At the end of the day the clothes still have to be wearable.

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