Yesterday, I was doing my daily interweb reads when I came across Weekday's collab with Belgian designer Bruno Pieters on Weekday's site. I literally almost fell on my chair when I saw the editorial spread right smack on Weekday's home page. Yes, I admit I'm a fashion nerd like that. Well, how can you blame a HUGE HUGE fan of Bruno Pieters? His chic, modern and minimalist aesthetics first caught my attention way back in 2009 when I got my very first Encens issue at some random grocery store in San Francisco. And since then I have been hooked on his work. Too bad his stuff is quite hard to track down that's why I haven't been lucky to get a hold of any of his work yet. Hopefully, my good connections won't disappoint me this time! Ok, I'm literally begging all my Euro friends to aid me on my Bruno Pieters holy grail! With this collab, I have a feeling my elusive pursuit might probably come to an end! Hell yeah!
In the meantime, enjoy this breathtakingly beautiful editorial...

Source: Weekday

PHOTOGRAPHY: Sybille Walter - FASHION: Samuel Drira - HAIR: Delphine Courteille - MAKE UP: Carole Colombani

MODELS: Anastasia Shersen, Mathias Bilien 

Fuck Versace and H&M. I'd sell my lungs to rock BP + WKDAY anytime!
Thank you Weekday for collaborating with all of my favorite designers!!!