Black has always been my default color whenever I'm purchasing something. Lets face it guys, black pretty much goes well with anything. Lord knows how much black I have in my closet. 
Today, for a change, I decided to wear SOME color since the sun was shining mighty high. DARK SHADOW was my color of choice. It is definitely tropic friendlier than black in my honest opinion. If you're a huge Rick Owens fan like me then I am sure you're familiar with this shade since it's one of his signature colors. To finish off the look, I complemented my muted ensemble with black leather accessories and footwear. 
Shirt - Damir Doma / Shorts - Chai / Belt Pouch - Initial 
Bag - Celine Large Phantom / Sandals - Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair

Here's an extreme close-up of my new baby...fresh from my Euro escapade...

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