After trying on a handsomely handcrafted Paul Harnden jacket at Harvey's in Berlin a couple of months I just couldn't stop my growing obsession with his civil war inspired clothing and footwear. The level of craftsmanship of his elusive pieces is beyond compare. His pieces are breathtakingly beautiful and have that wrinkled, lived-in quality appeal. It may be theatrical at times but absolutely wearable. The look may be old-fashioned but has a witty, modern and sophisticated twist to it. Believe me once you have tried on a Paul Harnden jacket or a pair of his vintage-looking derbys you will know what I'm talking about. His hard-to-find pieces are handmade by a small team of artisans directed by Paul Harnden himself. Thus, every obra comes with a hefty price tag. The label is only available at some of the most exclusive boutiques worldwide and regularly sells out quickly before even reaching the store racks. If I had the money I would not even think twice about spending it on his stuff. I'd totally buy his entire collection. Too bad money doesn't grow on trees.  Hopefully, one day I would be able to add any of his pieces to my growing archive.

F/W 2005

S/S 2011

Galliano in head-to-toe Harnden

Brad and his Paul Harnden jacket with leather pants and Angelina

DJ Mike Nouveau's a fan too

Paul Harnden Menswear

Paul Harnden Womenswear

Paul Harnden Footwear at Harvey's

Paul Harnden Shoes

Paul Harnden Boots with detachable Spats

And yours truly rocking some PH at Harvey's

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  1. My kind of designer label. I'm in love!

  2. Paul Harnden is really a great artisan, stuff seems amazingly well made! Maybe some day in our stock, would be dazzling.


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