The other day the kind folks at Lush, manufacturer of fresh handmade products, sent me some goodies to try. They sent me the Dirty Hair Cream and Dirty Springwash Shower Gel from their new men's line ironically named Dirty.  So, basically, this line is for guys like me who care about their appearance but can't be bothered with too much paraphernalia in the morning. I may be gay (and proud of it) but believe me I'm not a big fan of using too much products and complicated procedures. God knows how lazy I am when it comes to shaving, moisturizing and even fixing my hair. So I'm glad the Gorilla Perfumers at Lush came out with a simplified line that's perfect for guys who are always on the go. So far, I have used both products and both are highly recommended. I particularly love the Hair Styling Cream which is perfect for enhancing the curls of my sometimes unruly wavy hair. Its subtle fragrant scent is really addicting. You have to smell it to believe me. And it is not sticky and doesn't have that wet glossy look which I particularly abhor. It just gives the right amount of hold without the very stiff look. I have used several products on my hair and so far this Dirty Styling Cream is one of my top faves. Earlier today I sampled on the fantastic Shower Gel. It gives a skin tingling effect that leaves your body feeling refreshed and revitalized. Now, there's another reason to take long showers with or without someone (LOL)! 
Again, thanks Lush for the goodies and SSI's Jenny Gapan for always hooking me up with the best stuff. It's always a pleasure discovering reasonably-priced eco-friendly products! 
So what are you waiting for? Head to the nearest Lush store and get DIRTY PRONTO!!!


  1. ikaw na ang brand ambassador haha. love u

  2. i've never really stayed long inside any lush store. i can't stand the strong - and mixed - scents there.


  3. frankly i have never stepped inside their store yet. but you should definitely try their men's stuff specially the hair cream...it works wonders and i still can't get over its shea butter-coconut-ty fragrance! whatever is in there believe me honey i'm hooked!


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