I got this really really cute paper doll version of myself from the cool folks at Oxygen last week but didn't want to blog about it until tonight. Anyway, it was quite odd looking at myself even if it's just paper. It does look exactly like me minus the skinny androgynous body. I even have my signature glasses on and my unruly wavy hair! Thank God there was no speck of grey hair there or else I would've set it on fire...hahahah!

By the way, stay tuned for my paper doll's first outfit post... TOMORROW!!!!
Of course, this paper doll won't be complete without fabulous outfits courtesy of OXYGEN!!!

And just in case you're wondering...I wear BRIEFS not boxers! 

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  1. this is really cute..and you are hot in boxers, how much more in briefs?hehe.nice to see you last wednesday.your mom's cool too!


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