Juun.J and Ann Demeulemeester were absolutely two of my favorite shows in Paris last June. It's amazing how these two designers, one relatively up-and-coming and the other a veteran, reinvent themselves season after season. Juun.J is definitely one of the most successful designers from Korea who has set a mark in the name of menswear high fashion. His unique and innovative designs have earned him a cult following. I have been a huge fan of his work since 2007 and it is quite amazing how his designs have evolved through the years. Juun.J is without a doubt one of the most important fashion designers of our time. 
So far, I have been lucky to watch two of his shows in Paris. And I have to say this creative genius never fails to amaze me. For his latest collection, he did new versions of his signature exaggerated soled shoes from the current F/W 2011 collection. This time he introduced sandals and loafer-type versions. As for the garments, Juun.J did some very interesting cuts and patterns (that I have never seen before) to create optical illusions. He paid close attention to every little detail like the zippers, hooks, vents, lapels, hemlines, collars, etc. He imaginatively played with shapes and proportions to create varrying silhouettes. I don't wear much accessories but boy those Juun.J's golden accents such as the cuffs, rings, pocket squares and the mock collar necklace looked divine! Only Juun.J can conceptualize something quirky and stylish at the same time! 
Here are some close-ups of my favorite pieces from this brilliant collection!
Source: Juun.J


  1. He's really brilliant!! GREAT VISION!! :D

  2. Wonderful collection! I loved those three-section jackets, and the pants with the black waistband and vertical stripe.

    And the shoes... Genius!


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