and my favorite look from the bunch...
The V Avenue Shoe Repair was the one show I was looking forward to see during Stockholm Fashion Week. Unfortunately, my friends and I somehow got lost on our way to the venue. Thanks to that stupid bus driver who skipped our stop! By the time we arrived at the venue the show literally just ended. It was really frustrating. But instead of getting pissed I went backstage and took some snaps of Simon Nygard and a few other models. I have to admit I did miss a wonderful show. The garments are gorgeous and the styling is spot-on! V Avenue Shoe Repair managed to mix leather, wood and chiffon immaculately! I absolutely LOVE everything! I'm pre-ordering the leather shirt above and perhaps the leather shorts if it comes in black (of course) and maybe one of those blazers with backpack straps on the shoulders (brilliant idea)!

Source: SFW

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