Xernan Orticio's Spring Summer 2012 collection looks like a continuation of his previous Holiday collection but much cleaner and more refined. He took inspiration from the art of paper folding or otherwise known as "origami" as explicitly displayed by the lovely intricate "sensu" hairpieces (Japanese folding fans) each model was sporting. Orticio also experimented with different shapes and patterns using his signature paneling technique. He reissued his signature cape shrug which was one of his key pieces from his holiday collection. I just HOPE he continues in this direction and stay away from trends. Young designer Orticio is one of the designers to watch out for. He definitely has a bright future ahead of him!
By the way, I intentionally altered the photos to BLACK & WHITE to make it more dramatic...more Japanese!

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  1. One of the best collection of the season. So wearable and interestingly fashion! I love the tailoring and the symmetrical cutouts.


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