Finally, the editorial I did for Oxygen came out today. Too bad I didn't get a copy of 
The Philippine Star. It's a series of editorials done by three different stylists with different color schemes. Ryuji Shiomitsu did blue, Garage Magazine's Adrian Concepcion did green and obviously I got black (lol). I mean hello can you imagine me doing colors. Hell no!
Special thanks to Cholo Dela Vega of Connect and Oxygen's Jeff Bascon for the opportunity! 
It was a fun shoot. I hope I was able to justify Oxygen's androgynous aesthetic! 
Anyway, here's the article for your reading pleasure.
Oxygen Clothing owns the neutral mark of usual monochromatic hues that is manifestly seen on their fashionable pieces that evokes a genderless style for its enthusiasts. The brand fused the fearless and bold refinement with their Androgynous pieces giving a subtle note of genderless fashion with their oversized Tops and sheers.
Gender Blender is the new move to unisex fashion trends. Androgynous style is nothing new, that is why Oxygen’s concept of androgynous fashion has driven style to masculine and feminine extremes in the past adding structure in fashion that can be evidently seen on their products such as Sleeveless button downs, waistcoats, cardigans, hot pants, denim jackets, fitted trousers, cut-off shorts and mandals (man sandals). 
 Oxygen’s newest bandwagon for fashion will open endless possibilities in hyping up a look with their exceptional color schemes and cuts as the brand is purely committed to provide stylish clothing that will live up the trenches in the fashion scene to create a fashion forward insight for styling.
 Check the brand’s official site at www.oxygenfashion.com or follow them on twitterwww.twitter.com/oxygenclothing and like their Oxygen Clothing fan page on Facebook to learn more about their latest bout for Fashion. 
Photography by:Cholo Dela Vega, Styling by: JP Singson, Makeup by: Gina Desuasido, Article by:Edryan Lorenzo

Watch out for the complete set of my Androgynously yours editorial!


  1. Wohooo :)) New Inspirationfrom oxygen :)))

  2. I loved the collection. Check this out http://xaxii.com/article?art=genderless-fashion-haute-all-around-the-world


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