Shirt - Unisex / Leggings - Givenchy / Socks -Uniqlo / Shoes - Raf Simons
Manbag - Balenciaga Work
Today, I revived my red Givenchy leggings and paired it with a solid batwing button-down. Then, I chose baskets over boots to exude a streetwear vibe. The black shirt I'm wearing looks pretty simple but upon closer inspection you can notice subtle pleating on each side of the shirt. And obviously the batwing detail becomes exaggerated once the arms have been extended. Givenchy makes the best leggings in my opinion. It's quite comfy and very well-constructed compared to the other cheapy ones I own. I should have gotten another black pair when it was still reasonably priced. Now, I don't think I will ever drop 500-800 euros for a pair of leggings. Not in my right mind. Small details indeed matter to me. It what makes any garment interesting. 
After my lunch date with my Mom and Dad, I insisted that we get some yummy gelato treats!

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