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Shirt - Thom Browne / Jeans - April 77 / Hat - Christys
Socks - Uniqlo / Shoes - Grenson / Tote - Surface to Air
Cobalt Blue and bloody red are probably the only two colors I don't mind incorporating to my wardrobe. Believe me you can literally count the number of colored pieces in my closet. The blue Thom Browne button-downs that I'm wearing is probably one of my favorite ones ever. Why? Well, other than its breathable cotton fabric I just love its slim fit. Thom Browne makes the best button-downs in my opinion! Even if I bought it off the rack at Barneys it feels like it's tailor-made for me. It can be quite pricey but believe me it's worth every penny since it's hand made from the best materials. I've had mine for three years now and I still love it to pieces. Also, each shirt carries the name of the store it was manufactured for and the year it was made. I paired my shirt with my skinny jeans from April 77. I'm not a big fan of color coordination but I think it goes well with my cobalt blue Uniqlo socks from Hong Kong. I have a drawer full of them. It's pretty cheap and quite durable. And to finish the look I wore my favorite patent midnight blue Grenson lace-ups. I like the subtlety of the color. It looks black from afar but up close you can notice hints of blue.
FYI the size of the shirt is 1 not L as indicated on the white patch at the bottom of the shirt. It's actually the smallest size for Thom Browne garments.

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