Dream Incubation is Paradigm Shift's latest capsule collection. This time my friends Karl Leuterio and Mike Magallenes collaborated with young designer Curves Lopez aka Leatherengines to produce this 8-piece collection. According to the designers, this unisex collection is about falling asleep, falling in the sky, parachutes and blimps. But I doubt if you'd fall asleep after laying your eyes on this very witty collection. Each piece from this collection allows its wearer to creatively experiment on how to put it on. In short, there is more than one way to rock the garments. So I'm sure you'll discover new ways of wearing it each time you wear it. Aside from its versatility, you can easily layer the garments with the rest of the pieces effortlessly. 
Kudos to the trio Karl, Mike and Curves for a job well done. 
So far, this has been my favorite collection from Paradigm Shift. It's amazing how the label has matured in terms of their design and taste in just a short period of time. These guys are definitely here to take Philippine fashion to the next level! LOVE YOU GUYS! Carry on with whatever you are doing because I am sure that this is just the beginning. I'll be here to support together with your FFT family!

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