Last week I had the opportunity to witness the launching of Globe Spike, the country's most advanced telecommunications network, at The Peninsula Hotel. According to Globe CEO Ernest Cu, Globe invested $790M over a course of five years to modernize its current network to provide its subscribers the best service. This may be the most expensive modernization in telecom history to date. With this revolutionary advancement, expect a full-bar on your phones all the time, fast mobile internet access, reduced network traffic even during peak hours and on time delivery of text messages. 
I might just have to switch to Globe after hearing this. Part of my job as a blogger is to provide my readers with the latest news. And having a reliable mobile internet service absolutely makes my job easier and efficient. I'm definitely saving up so I can grab one of those fancy smart phones. I just need to make up my mind on which one to get!
Special thanks to Vision for inviting me to this event. Ernest Cu is definitely a fountain of knowledge. I had a fabulous time. Putting the technical difficulties aside I think the launch was over-all a success! I particularly love the sax and techno fusion. I couldn't help getting into the groove while listening. Thank goodness no one snapped a photo!

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