My Mom never fails to inspire me. Last week, she came up with really cool outfits which I totally adored! We both have the same minimalist aesthetic. No wonder we get along when it comes to shopping. We pretty much like the same things. It's funny how we both wore black and white ensembles last week!  Whenever I have some fashion emergencies I usually seek her advice for some enlightenment.

It's amazing how her style has evolved through the years. 

Anyway, check out the cool outfits she rocked during fashion week ...
Shirt - H&M / Vest - 5cm / Trousers - Comme Des Garcons
Cummberband - Designer's Remix / Glasses - Ray-Ban / Brogues - Topshop
Bag - Hermes Birkin
Leather Top - Izzue Collection / Cummberband - Designer's Remix
Skirt Pants - Giordano Ladies / Bag - Celine Mini Luggage Tote / Shoes - IT
Shirt - Monki / Blazer - Izzue Collection / Wide-Leg Trousers - Giordano Ladies
Bag - Alexander Wang Diego Bucket / Shoes - IT

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