A couple of weeks ago Rustan's Denise Roco invited me to experience the Murad Vitamic C Facial at Rustan's Makati. I rarely pamper myself with facials due to the fact that I have very sensitive skin. I remember getting red blemishes on my face after using Oil of Olay several years ago. Since then, I have been extremely careful in choosing the products which I apply on my face. Besides we are only blessed with one face so we might as well take care of it unless you want to go under the knife for some major tweaking
Murad products are primarily based on The Science of Cellular Water. According to Murad founder Dr. Howard Murad, the key measure of health is each cell's ability to hold water, therefore, if we build stronger cells, we can fight disease and reverse the signs of aging. 
I was really happy with the Vitamin C Infusion Facial I received two weeks ago at Rustan's. I felt rejuvenated after the spa experience. My skin became supple and hydrated after the treatment. I can't wait to get another one soon! From now on, this is going to be one of my few indulgences.
Again, thank you to the entire Murad staff for graciously accommodating me. I absolutely had a fabulous time getting pampered. Special thanks to Denise Roco and Rustan's for continuously supporting me and my blog! I have been using the Home Kit that you guys sent me. My skin never felt so supple and fresh until I started using the products. I highly recommend it!
If you have not experienced Murad Facial Treatments make sure to swing by Rustan's and treat yourself to one! Also, don't hesitate to try their wide array of award-winning skincare products!
We all deserve some pampering once in awhile!


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