My buttery soft Rick Owens S/S 2008 leather jacket is definitely one of the most precious pieces from my closet. The amazing craftsmanship of this jacket totally justifies its price. It's made from the finest lambskin leather and its metal hardware are absolutely made to last forever. I also love the subtle details like the durable distinguishable zippers that Rick Owens uses throughout his entire clothing and footwear line. Too bad I have neglected my jacket for awhile now due to the unbearable tropical climate here in Manila. In San Francisco, I used to wear this all the time. I remember rocking it like a fierce mofo in Hong Kong earlier this year. Since then I haven't found an opportunity to wear it again. 
Anyway, the other day while taking snaps of my lookbooks I came across my old Rick Owens lookbook which The Archive's part-owner Archie gave me after purchasing my very first RO leather jacket at his boutique. After being nostalgic and all I realized that it's about time to revive my neglected leather jacket. Thank goodness the weather has been surprisingly kind. Seems like the Lord has finally answered my prayers! Yippee!
So stay tuned for an outfit post wearing this jacket...

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