Young designer Nixon Marquez debuted Philippine Fashion Week with his ready-to-wear womenswear collection. It was definitely a solid collection considering it was his first major show. His collection looked very feminine even if it was menswear-inspired. I love the twists he did on some of my favorite menswear pieces such as the basic crewneck tees, oversized pullovers, button-down shirts, structured waistcoats, wide-leg trousers, etc. Everything from the collection looked modern, polished and fashion-forward. And I absolutely love the color scheme he chose for his androgynous collection! The white moto waistcoat and the textured pullover were my favorite pieces.  
After looking at the photos I took I am quite convinced now that we have a new Norman Noriega in the making! And believe me that's a compliment! 
Lets just hope we see more designers like Nixon next season!!!

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