My closest and dearest friends know that I'm a sucker for anything chocolate and anything peanut butter (except those Reese's which are too sweet for my taste). Days ago I got really ecstatic when my brother's soon-to-be-fiance brought a yummy treat for me and my Mom (my rival in the family when it comes to anything sweet) on Christmas Eve! Nothing beats the perfect chocolate cake. And believe me it takes a lot to impress my discriminating sweet tooth. I have been to the moon and back to try some of the best chocolate cakes and I have to say Richmond Hotel's chocolate cake is a pretty strong contender. The sweetness is just about perfect I could die. And the cute presentation (complete with Santa, Christmas tree, poinsettia and some edible beads) is literally the icing on the cake! Thank God I have self-control or else I would have chowed down the entire thing in one seating! And that would have caused me to practically live in the gym to burn off those unwanted calories! Anyway drool away!!!

Lets toast to more chocolate cakes!!! 

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