Before anything else I want to personally thank each and everyone particularly my beloved readers who showed their support to all the participating bloggers last Saturday. The success of the this event wouldn't be possible without you guys. Unfortunately, I didn't get to take any photos of the event because I intentionally left my camera at home. It was crazy the moment it started at 11AM. I was still setting up my booth when people started swarming in. And it was absolutely busy all day long. I didn't even have time to go to the loo or even buy food. Thank goodness for my life-saving fabulous Mom. Before we left home, she thoughtfully packed me some snacks to nibble on throughout the day. Special thanks to Vergil for getting me a yummy Red Mango yoghurt. It was fun meeting my readers and new people as well. I also got a chance to introduce my Unisex concept to several people I met at the event. Hopefully, they remember me. 
As far as the yard sale is concerned, I was actually surprised with the turn-out. I ended up exceeding my previous yard sale! I couldn't be happier! I couldn't believe it myself. I'm glad that I'm slowly reaching out to a wider market. I don't intend to change how people dress. I just want to provide an alternative mode of dressing. 
Indeed, the event was quite toxic but I'm glad my hard work paid off. Now, I have enough funds to get a new MacBook!
Special shout-out to Ana Gonzales, Melai Entuna and Aisa Ipac for making this fab event possible. 
Here's what I wore just in case you are wondering. Peasant all-gray look with cut-out galore details! It was the perfect ensemble because I was sweating like a pig all-day!
Jumper - Ann-Sofie Back / Tank - American Apparel / Jeans - April 77 / Sneakers - Pierre Hardy
Beanie - Number (N)ine / Fanny Pack - Veronique Branquinho
Photo courtesy of Kaye Awatin of The Style Flux


  1. Yay! thank you for using my photo :) Hope to see you again soon :)


  2. Thank you for this post JP! :) And glad you guys had fun! :))) Till next BU! :)


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