For the first day of Simbang Gabi I'm giving away Php 1,000 worth of Gift Certificates from Oxygen, unquestionably my favorite ready-to-wear label based here in the Philippines. I visited their shop the other day and believe me they have a lot of rad stuff worth coveting. I recently did an editorial for them and it was published on Philippine Star. Click HERE if you haven't seen it yet. Otherwise, lets proceed to my very first question.

Ok, I'm sure everybody's familiar with Saint  Nicholas or more popularly known as Santa Claus. Anyway, if you were given a chance to revamp Santa's outfit what would you do? Briefly describe Santa's NEW PEG! Please be creative. Like what I mentioned on my previous post there are no right or wrong answers to my questions so post away!

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Good luck everyone!!! Can't wait to read your answers!

This contest ended already. Congrats DJ Yabis for winning!


  1. Well, to me Santa is a kind of Christmas Superman.
    Firt of all, we have to keep the Red since it's his color signature.

    First, it's cold outside so I imagine him wearing a red military cross coat with a range of buttons on each side that will add elegance and charisma to his figure.

    then,he'll be wearing underneath it a dark green turtle neck with a dark brown straight pants, something fit and elegant.

    And instead of his famous hate, he'll be wearing a grey houndsthooth casquette and since he drives a sleigh, he'll have camel driving gloves and of course a nice pair of black boots!

    Santa Claus by Amine Ryan Hakam

  2. I would still want Santa to be fat. Para mas kapansin-pansin siya. Clean cut na ang buhok at kulayan ng itim. Shave ang balbas at bigote. :))

    A new pair of white Dr. Martens. Plain white shorts. Red long sleeves. White jacket and bow tie. :-D

    -Hezron Peralta

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  3. Santa's new peg would be Neon so he wouldn't have to be stuffed in a lifeless dark red among the dark blue sky. Blah :D He could keep the belt and consider losing the black shoes. He could go with neon green along with some white belt... A berret would be nice :D He should also lose rudolph or tweak rudolph's nose to change colors every second :D He should also just bring a satchell instead of that big old sack :D

    My name is Matt Angeles and my Email is john_angeles2001@yahoo.com, I shared it on facebook from your page and tweeted about it but Couldn't get into your Google connect page because it's a broken link... I think... :D

  4. I would dress Santa, more trendy and yet classic.

    Since were already use to Santa's red and white costumes schemes, I like to change his boring top with a red blazer, inner black flannel and a white slick tie, for pants, a versace x h&m leather pants and pair it with a zara boots, and lastly let's do not forget santa's red hat.

    Ian Chong

  5. First, being fat that he is. I'd layer him with cashmere blazer so he won't be looking bulky. Second, Inside the blazer I'd let him wear a tracksuit so all his areas are covered so he won't get cold travelling. Third, I'd make him wear Dr. Martens. so that it'll be easy for him to do all the chimney hoppings. Fourth, I'd replace his Sack with a Rucksack from archival clothing in all black so that he'd look chic. hehe. :)

  6. Santa somehow got lost somewhere in the desert. He suddenly finds himself having to ditch his winterwear. Good thing he has his magic sack that magically produces gifts, and that includes outfits! Having to adapt to local climate we get to see Father Nick in something other than winterwear.

    Father Nick wouldn't just change his trademark red coloured outfit so he conjures from his sack a crossover top from the SS 2010 collection of Damir Doma, recalling how the deep red of the collection struck him when he saw it. Perfect breezy fabric also, for the daytime desert heat and for when the need to layer in the cold Arab nights in the sands arises. It was gonna be a long trek and it would've done no good to still be wearing wool trousers with long johns. Santa, preferring unrestricted motion and loose silhouettes recalls Yohji Yamamoto's aesthetic and soon he got ready to change into long, wide-legged shorts from the SS 2012 collection. Finally, the need for appropriate footwear for walking in the sand comes up and in a blink, sandals from the polished sporty chic of Lanvin SS 2011 collection appears. And so does Santa start the long trek to find Rudolph and the other reindeer.


  7. Santa on hot Björn Borg undies hihihi <3

    DJ Yabis

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  8. As you are giving away Oxygen GCs, let's play with the clothes of oxygen. If Santa would have a clothing sponsor, it'll probably be oxygen, HE should first join the Biggest Loser for him to be able to fit oxygen clothes..hehe..Oxygen loves the color black and gray so i think it would suit him to wear a black leather jacket from oxygen + a gray turtleneck and a skinny jeans...naks!^^ Hope random.org pick my number..nyahaha...^^. Ty

    already liked your fan page and followed your twitter

    - edwin
    - edwin_abilay@yahoo.com

  9. i would let santa wear jeremy scott's s/s 2012 collection ala 2NE1. colorful, vibrant, bubbly and very kid-friendly. kiddos would surely enjoy seeing santa in a trendy outfit holding their gifts :) lol

    Rhonnel Tan Santos

  10. id dress santa in bloody deep carnal red. The same hue of red that ann demeulemeester used in her a/w 2011 collection. It must be in all red leather definitely .and i want santa to be androgynous of course so I'd require him to wear a bloody patent 7-icnch high red platform wedge. I'd dye his hair in platinum purple too . It will look great in his complexion. this way the naughty kids would take him seriously. haha..

  11. Santa's new outfit? ala-Tom Cruise (MIssion Impossible!) a RED hoodie and jeans! Because every year Santa has missions!

    Angel Sagrado

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  12. It will be the combination of THOR'S AND CAPTAIN AMERICA'S costume.. It would be totally awesome and he looks cuter wearing those outfit.

    John Carlo Gertes

  13. Oh, Valentino Haute Couture in the classic house red, probably in embroidered brocade, silk lined, trimmed in white mink. Hermes alligator belt with gold belt (Art Deco inspired), matching boots and Rimowa luggages for the gifts he will be bringing.

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  14. Santa should be a hottie for a change. He can still be slightly old but very George Clooney perhaps..

    Still embossing his RED signature, I am looking forward to a red long sleeves santa pairing it with a black vest and a white maong shorts! and then a vans half cab which is all black!

    fab santa it is.. <3

    Juvette Chrisha Mercado

  15. Santa's NEW PEG should be like Dior Homme's Spring 2012 collection. The simple but timeless pieces would be perfect for Santa's clean and positive image. He needs to know that 'LESS is MORE'. Hehe!

    Name: Patrick A.
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  16. i would say that He should wear something different like a unique color. Like color pastel. with cute black boots decorated with Christmas thing that make Him more authentic

    Merry Jane Ocol

  17. Shave his beard off, replace his red shirt with silver-glitter long sleeve shirt topped with black and green reindeer sweater all over a striking pair of red leather fitted jeans then finish off with white chukka boots and santa hat inspired sack.

    Inno Corral

  18. Santa should wear blue costume. So that it would be likeable and cute like me.hehe..

    Cherlie Gertes

  19. Red and green is the color of Christmas. Let's add yellow to that and we have Reggae. Yes, ang new peg ni Santa ay Reggae. Haha!

    -Kevin Capati

  20. Santa's all red. Why not add green and yellow to it? Yes, Reggae ang new peg ni Santa. Haha!

  21. For me if I was able torevamp santas suit ! It will be depends on what is the color of theyear ! And partner it with white so that it will keep the essence of christmas in his suit. On santas top ill prefer a neon color covered with fur coat and a sequined/glittery details for a fabulous christmas suit. And for his trousers just a normal trousers with a glittery outline. And a beanie for his hat :)) and also a seuined glitterati bag :) wooho hohoho :)) Merry Christmas !!

  22. i think it is time for Santa to lay off the cookies.. so he can get in a nice pair of black skinny jeans.. with a ho ho ho hoodie and a good ole pair of doc.



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