Hat - Christys / Shirt - Band of Outsiders / Tank - American Apparel
Shades - Lanvin x H&M / Paraphernalia - Status Magazine

Last week I met up with BFF (becky friend forever) DJ at Greenbelt in Makati to talk about boys, fashion and some random topics including STDs. Frankly, I cannot remember how we ended talking about STDs considering both of us are not getting any action. To those clueless peeps out there, becky in Tagalog swardspeak refers to someone who is gay or queer. It is usually a term of endearment amongst fellow beckies. Anyway, since I was craving for some gelato we dragged our asses to Gelatissimo to grab some ice cold shakes. The prices of the shakes were quite steep but everything is ridiculously expensive nowadays. Even love is becoming more and more expensive but that's another story. Anywho, I ordered my usual coffee-almonds combo. It was decadent and very tasty. On the following day, I had to devote almost half a day to the gym just to justify my gelato indulgence. But believe me it was all worth it since I have a sweet tooth. That day I was going for the rocker boy look. Hope I was able to translate it well. Whatever.


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