Shirt - Chai / Cut-Out Trousers - Chai 
Shoes - DC Shoes / Leather Pouch - Initial
I officially completed the Simbang Gabi (Nine Mornings in English) festivity today and I couldn't be more ecstatic! Yay! Thanks to hard work and self-discipline I managed to wake up every single day at exactly 4:45AM to hear mass at a chapel near my place. Of course this wouldn't be possible without my Mom's intervention in cases wherein I involuntarily pressed the annoying snooze button of my BB. Getting up is hard enough but choosing what to wear is undeniably harder. I'm not one of those people who pre-style their outfits. I prefer getting dressed spontaneously. It may seriously be a problem for a lot of people but this ritual has worked for me for a long time already.
Anywho, I'm sure everybody's wondering what I wished for after completing the Nine Mornings! Well, initially I wanted to wish something for myself but eventually changed my mind after the Sendong tragedy and the sudden demise of Jimmy, a long-time employee of my Mom's and Dad's. Until now my entire family is still in shock. It is undeniably difficult to accept the loss of a trusted man who worked for my family's business for almost 18 years. My brothers and I practically grew up with him around. He's practically a part of our family already. Anyway, this year I'm dedicating my Simbang Gabi completion to all the victims of Typhoon Sendong and to Jimmy and his grieving family. 
Yesterday I unconsciously wore grey. I suppose it coincidentally reflects my mood lately. I'm in a state between happiness and sadness right now with everything that is happening. Don't get me wrong guys. I'm absolutely grateful to God because I'll be celebrating another Christmas with my loved ones. But at the same time I feel guilty that I know there are so many people out there grieving.
Guys, do me a little favor. Make this year and the coming years count. Show your loved ones how much they mean to you not just this Yuletide season but everyday!


  1. "Make this year and the coming years count." Beautifully said...

    Happy holidays, JP! And congrats for completing the Simbang Gabi! :)

  2. Gaaaaah! I haven't attended even 1 night of simbang gabi.. What did you wish for if you have one?

    I Love your Shoes.. :]

  3. hi! actually i dedicated it to the victims of sendong and to Jimmy, our employee who passed away this week.

    Happy Holidays!


  4. I idolize you for dedicating your Simbang Gabi wish to others who are unfortunate. :)

    Happy Holidays! :D


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