Last Thursday I partied hard together with Manila's beautiful partyphiles at Republiq Club. Tagged along my friend Herbert Custodio to keep me on my toes all night! Tattoo brought top-ranking international DJ Kaskade to the Philippines for an unforgettable night of high-octane music mixes to show Globe's heartfelt appreciation to everyone who made Tattoo the country's most preferred broadband! The craziness in the air that night brought back fond memories of my raver boy days. Thank goodness those days are long gone. But nobody's too old for glow sticks and some body-humping moves, right? Once in awhile ain't too bad.
As expected, Kaskade's set was phenomenal. The moment he stepped in and started playing club anthem hits people literally went bananas! Too bad I had to check-in my big-ass DLSR since it was a private event. Republiq is quite strict when it comes to that matter! So no pictures of sodomy and adultery sad to say. But still I had a great time. I managed to snap a few photos and vids thanks to my trusty BB!
Again, a big shout-out to Dong Ronquillo and the entire Tattoo crew for a banging 2011.More power guys. Also, thanks to Visions for providing me VIP passes! You guys are the best!

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